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"It Takes Many Good Deeds To Build A Good Reputation, And Only One To Lose It"?


Due to the proliferation of social media it has never been so easy for anyone to post negative comments for a business. Anyone with a cell phone can do it in seconds, with the push of a button.

Most of us accept that ‘Reviews’ are an important signal that potential customers use when deciding which local business to contact. From last year’s Local Consumer Review Survey we know that:

  • 73% of consumers say positive customer reviews make them trust a business more
  • 65% of consumers more likely to use a business which has positive online reviews
  • 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations


Furthermore, review signals are said to account for 10.3% of all local search ranking signals according to Moz local search ranking factors study.

So if reviews are important to customers and important ranking factors – does this facilitate the need for a review strategy? Are reviews more important now than they have been at any other point?

The Internet is the new first impression for all local businesses. People don’t ask for references any-more, they search Google. Negative search results damage your clients business with the click of a mouse.

Nearly as important, having no reputation drives clients to competitors. You CAN change your clients search results.

While it might be impossible to remove negative reviews the best approach is to inundate the internet with targeted, effective and well formulated content to bury the bad reviews on the second page of search results where no one venturers.

The benefits include protecting your clients name and brand, controlling your clients online identity, and providing the best image of their company.

There are no shortcuts–just hard work, and well crafted content.

Introducing Local Business Listing Robot

Our Software Will...

  • Suppress damaging content such as lies, rumours, or other hurtful material from showing up in your search results.
  • Push down harmful reviews from review sites such as Google plus, City search and many others.
  • Neutralize bad review by constantly flooding the search results with content.
  • Proliferate great news about you're clients, showing that they are an expert in their field.
  • Post positive information that reflects their true image, including both visual and written content.

The simple fact is this problem is easy to fix by simply taking the positive reviews left by happy customers, and placing them front and centre in search engine search results. So when ever anyone searches reviews for a local business any bad review will be buried deep on page two never to be seen again.

This very problem is also a major money making opportunity for the smart marketers who are willing to put in place a few simple steps to fix this major problem for local client's.

We have developed a sophisticated robot that will do 90% of the work you would normally do yourself, totally on auto pilot working 24/7 365 days of the year.

Posting reviews to the top reviews sites is as simple as...

  • Add Client's Data To Our Software
  • Add Reviews Collected From Real Customers
  • Click Submit

Many of your clients will have satisfied customers who may have already sent in letters thanking them for their service. But what use is that when they have not posted these testimonials on sites like Citysearch or Insider pages for Google to find?

Previously, you would have had the tedious task of either out-sourcing the process or doing it all manually yourself. This can take hours of your time and can cost up to $4 per review if you decided to out source it.

Your client could send out a letter to all their old customers asking for a review, but how many are going to take the trouble to create an account on a review site like City Search and submit a review?

Even if they did the chances are they would all do it on the same day, throwing up a big red flag to the moderators getting your clients' listing removed or even banned.

Local Business Listing Robot is very easy to use and will automate the posting of your clients' reviews even while you sleep.

Posting reviews to the top reviews sites is as simple as...

  • Automatically collect reviews from your clients' websites
  • Totally automate the posting of your clients' reviews
  • Display customer reviews on your clients' websites
  • Notify the business owner of negative customer reviews
  • Prompt the customer to leave reviews on select sites
  • Post customer reviews on reviews sites that you choose

As soon as you have added all your clients' reviews, our software will get to work drip feeding them to their business citations. By spreading the reviews out your clients' listing will look more natural, not only to the moderators but also to Google.

Time Is Money

You could hire someone from Elance or the Warrior Forum to post your reviews, but how much do you think they would charge if they did it all manually?

If you had ten clients and you needed to post just one review per client per day to three review sites it would cost you $30 per day, and that's only if they charged you $1 per review.

With Local Business Listing Robot you can post as many reviews for up to 100 clients 24/7 all for a very small monthly fee.

With just our review module you will be saving hundreds of dollars by not having to pay someone to do all this work manually.

Ten clients each posting one review on three review sites.

15 Clients x 15 reviews per month x 3 review sites = 900 reviews posted per month. Divided by $97 = $0.11 per review.

Local Business Listing Robot is a huge time saver, especially if you have a large number of clients to service. You can create as many projects as you want for up to 100 clients included in your low monthly membership fee.

So What Would It Take For You To Add One Review Manually?

It's not difficult to add reviews, it's just very time consuming.

You would have to...

1. Create an email account to use on every reviews site = 5 minutes per account

2. Create a user account for each review site = 5 minutes per site

3. Log in and post review = 5 minutes

4. Change IP address and repeat for each and every review you leave for every review site

As you can see it can take 15 minutes per review per review site. If you just posted one review to all of the nine review sites we support it could take to up to 2 hours and that's just for one client. What if you had five or even ten clients? You would be spending all your time services just a few clients when you should really be out looking for more.

This is what you get for this ridiculously low monthly subscription

  • We create all the user accounts specific to your clients zip code
  • We post the reviews for up to 100 of your clients
  • We will saves YOU time and money
  • So simple to use a child could do it
  • No more paying $4 per review
  • Fully automated


Q. If I add 10 reviews for my customer what happens when they have all been posted?

A. As soon as all your reviews have been posted our system halts the project to avoid duplicate postings. If your client sends you more reviews you can simply add them to our system to start posting again Each time our system posts a review, it will pick an account at random from this pool and post your content. This insures that any review is never posted to the same user account.

Q. Won't it look strange reviews coming from other parts of the country?

A. We create user accounts around zip codes in the vicinity of your clients business so reviews will appear to come from the surrounding area of your clients business. (Note: This does not apply to Google reviews. Google reviews will come from the same state)

Q. If all our content is being posted by your software won't these content sites see they are coming from the same IP address?

A. We have a system in place where all content will be posted through different country specific IP addresses from our pool of over 38,000 unique IPs.

Q. How often will reviews be posted?

A. Our script post 1 reviews per week per client to each citation site, i.e Citysearch etc., If you add reviews for client A to Citysearch you will get 4 reviews randomly posted for that client per month. If you add 10 reviews to Citysearch and 10 to Insider pages that client will get 8 reviews posted spread across the 2 sites.

To get the best from our system and to help with Google maps listings I would advise you to spread the reviews across as many of the review sites we support. If a business has had no reviews for a while and then all of a sudden gets 10-20 in a months' time, Google could take notice. This could jeopardize your client's business listing with Google and all the efforts to get them to the top will have failed.

Q. Does your review module post to review sites other than the USA?

A. The review sites we currently support are as folows: United States Citation Review Sites:

Dex Knows
Four Square
Google +
City Search
Insider Pages
Merchant Circle
Super Pages
Yellow Bot Yellow Pages

United Kingdom Citation Review Sites:
Google +
Scoot UK
Zomato UK

Canada Citation Review Sites:
Goldbook CA
Google +
N49 CA
Zomato CA
Web Local CA
Yellow Pages CA

Australia Citation Review Sites:
Google +
Start Local AU

Why Should You Chose Us As Your Provider?

We have been servicing hundreds of offline marketers with our review posting service for over 5 years and with thousands of aged user accounts you can be assured we are here to take away the manual work you would normally do yourself to service your client's needs.

Why do the hard work yourself when you can have a robot processing your clien't reviews totally on auto pilot?

Businesses with good reputations prosper, while those with bad reputations struggle, and fail…

The clients you already have want this service badly…

The clients you haven’t closed yet are clamoring for it.

And you’re about to get the best Reputation Management tool on the market, for a price so low, it will make your head spin.

Local Business Listing Robot is an automated system that posts your clients' content totally on auto-pilot. You get all this for $97 per month so if you are looking to save time and money, hit the subscribe button below before we come to our senses and double the price.

Local Business Listing Robot


The LBL Robot Team

P.S. Don't forget as we add more review sites to our membership site the price will have to increase, so join us now for this ridiculously low price.

P.P.S. Our software not only saves you time but also money. If you can find a service that will post as many reviews for as many clients for the same monthly fee, we will refund your money no questions asked.


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