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 Why Should You Chose Us As Your Provider?
We have been servicing hundreds of offline marketers with our review posting service for over 6 years and with thousands of aged user accounts you can be assured we are here to take away the manual work you would normally do yourself to service your client's needs.

Why do the hard work yourself when you can have a robot processing your client's reviews totally on autopilot?
Businesses with good reputations prosper, while those with bad reputations struggle, and fail…

The clients you already have want this service badly…

The clients you haven’t closed yet are clamoring for it.

And you’re about to get the best Reputation Management tool on the market, for a price so low, it will make your head spin.

Tools Of The Trade…

We aim to provide all the software you will need to build and promote your offline business. We have included the following software which are all available on JVZoo from $47 per month, yours today for FREE to use while you are members of LBL Robot
Local Business Listing Robot is an automated system that posts your clients' content totally on auto-pilot. You get all this for $97 per month so if you are looking to save time and money, hit the subscribe button below before we come to our senses and double the price.
Let me ask you a question - are you working ON your business? Or are you working IN your business?

What's the difference?

If you're doing all the day-to-day menial tasks, the repetitive stuff that someone else could do, then you're working IN your business...

Instead, you should be working ON your business - ideas, concepts, development, planning, strategy, putting your time and energy into growing and moving forward...

Yes, someone has to do the spade work - but it doesn't have to be you!

Let Local Business Listing Robot do all the hard work, so you don't have to...
Try it Out For $19 Trial
Join for $19, add a client and get some reviews posted to see how easy it is to build a five star reputation for all your clients. You get access to all the features available for a full 14 days, only after you are satisfied that this is for you will you be billed our normal $97 Per Month subscription. Cancel at any time within the 14 days and you will not be billed any further subscription.


The LBL Robot Team

P.S. Don't forget as we add more review sites to our membership site the price will have to increase, so join us now for this ridiculously low price.

P.P.S. Our software not only saves you time but also money. If you can find a service that will post as many reviews for as many clients for the same monthly fee, we will refund your money no questions asked.


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